Stable European demand for Colombian passion fruit

The European market demand for passion fruit from Colombia is described as stable by a South American exporter, San Basilio Fruits. The company ships between one and two containers of passion fruit per week to supermarkets in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Darío Cano, general commercial director of San Basilio Fruits based in Girardota in Antioquia, Colombia, says with the stable demand for passion fruit in Europe they see prices of between €7 and €10 euros per box. “As most produce markets, we find various seasons during the year, during low seasons prices may reach €6 per box. We produce approximately 100,000 kg of passion fruit per month and ship between one and two containers per week, but the goal is to reach three per week. We have our own farms and we work with farmers from all over Colombia who grow between five and 10 hectares of passion fruit per farm.”

“Our technical team validates, innovate and make the fields more efficient to produce a higher quality product. We have certifications from Global Gap and the Rainforest Alliance. We are in the process of certifying SMETA in 2022 and BRC in 2023. The priority in our packing plant is based on the quality of the products to guarantee that the passion fruit has the characteristics and quality required by the demanding European market.”

Cano says their pack house has two independent areas with each one containing independent digital and color sorters for passion fruit and avocado that allow them to operate simultaneously. They also have a large cold store room capacity for the storage of products ready to be shipped to different countries and markets in Europe such as retailers, wholesalers and supermarkets with the aim to reach consumers with a healthy product of good quality and flavor.

“We only ship our fruit by sea freight from the port of Cartagena or Santa Martha, which takes 14 days to arrive in Rotterdam. It’s the only port we use. In Rotterdam we have a maximum delivery time of two days for fruit. We work with LBP, which is our agent for this process. Soon we will be reaching new destinations such as Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Now with our plant set up for special destinations we will be able to reach markets such as the USA and Asia. Our greatest commitment is to promote the growth and development of Colombia,” says Cano.

San Basilio Fruits has been exporting passion fruit and avocados for the last seven years. The company is owned by a group of Colombian businessmen who have worked in the fruit and vegetable market for more than 25 years. Their experience has helped them develop the in-demand export products from Colombia. “This together with environmental awareness, providing fairness and equity in the treatment of the people who work the crops is our focus. We are more than 500 direct and indirect people who manage to have a fair life thanks to the great work that is done in San Basilio fruits,” concludes Cano.

Author: Clayton Swart

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