Keys to Successful seedlings raising, the dos and don’ts

Have you been frustrated by the seedlings you buy? Do you want to start raising your seedlings and even start selling the excess? Worry not, in this article we lay down simple and comprehensive guidelines on raising seedlings successfully.

The rates at which the seedlings grow highly depend on the environment in which they are grown. Seedlings raised in warm areas often grow faster than in cold areas. Seedlings raised inside the greenhouse also grow faster also (3-4 weeks) compared to those grown outdoor (4-6 weeks).

A Raised Seedbed
How to use of trays?
  • For good results carry it in the greenhouse or under the shade
  • Cocopeat is most recommended planting media
  • Mix it with water to create a paste
  • Fill the holes with the paste
  • Using a nail drill a small hole and sow one seed per pit
  • Put it under a shade i.e. a greenhouse or under a shade net for optimal results
  • Water twice a day to prevent withering at 4 pm


  • Either method of raising seedlings does not guarantee a 100% germination as this depends on the quality of seeds used (i.e. Purity, viability, germination rate and if they are expired of not) which we cannot guarantee.
  • Only use urea fertilizer to speed the growth after the 4th week and not during planting as this can scorch the seeds thus it’s not recommended.
  • The quality of the seedlings highly depends on the management and mostly watering discipline. You may drench with Citi shooter 20ml/20l of water at the 3rd week to kill soil related pest and fasten growth.

Ensure you also spray Redomil gold 50gms/20l of water 2 days to transplanting to prevent dumping off after transplanting. Avoid using an excess of these fungicides as it can lead to scorching and stunted growth of the seedlings. You can spray thunder 10ml/20l 0f water to kill cutworms and other pests if any.

BY: Kelvin Wairimu

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