Why your passion fruits offer low yields

I have planted passion fruits but they’re not giving me good harvest.

How do I increase the yield? They are about 300 plants and have given around 20kg this season.

Cecilia Ndungu

Yields progressively decline with time. After three years, the yield drastically reduces and it is advisable to replant the crop.

This is especially so in areas with high incidences of pests and diseases. Generally, good crop husbandry is important for improved yield.

These include pruning the old unproductive shoots and dead wood, removing secondary shoots that touch the ground and providing support for the laterals that bear fruit.

The equipment used for pruning should be properly disinfected to avoid potential spread of diseases in the field.

Regular fertiliser application is critical for passion fruit production. Foliar feed sprays should be applied starting from a month after planting and at least every three months.

Some fungicides can be mixed with the foliar feed sprays to prevent fungal disease outbreak well in advance.

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