Step by step guide to getting potato seeds

Step by step guide to getting potato seeds

Julius Muchiri of Stokman Rozen Kenya says to produce a rooted apical cutting, vegetative materials from desired plants are collected and grown within a screenhouse in a laboratory under sterile conditions in a nutrient culture medium of known as cocopeat.

They produce roots, stem and leaves so that they grow like any other plant. Once ready, they are transferred to the farm, where they are planted just like any other seedling.

After three to four months, the rooted cuttings produce up to 15 tubers. The tubers are then replanted for multiplication, and the resultant tubers can further be planted.

One cutting will produce up to 15 tubers. For the first season after the apical cutting, each tuber will also produce up to 15 tubers to give the farmer a total of 225 tubers.

If the second planting of the tubers is equally successful, then the farmer will have some 3,375 tubers all to be sold as seed, and all from just one apical cutting, but in three seasons.

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